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What is PurposePlay?

PurposePlay, Inc. exists to make the world a better place by bringing

virtual to reality through simulation gameplay and social awareness.


Our vision is to leverage culture and technology. We want to use the games we play for leisure

to help people accomplish their dreams and give basic necessities to people throughout the world.


Our only agenda is the well being of the human race.

PurposePlay Founders
Uganda boy
Uganda girl
Uganda boys
Uganda children
Uganda children
Nile River
Uganda child
Uganda countryside
Humango | Play for Change

Humango will be our flagship game. Humango will simulate the development of sustainable communities in underserved countries. As the communities are built in the game, we will take the revenue and build these communities in real life. We will begin in Uganda, Africa, then move to another continent until we have sustainable comunities on 6 of the 7 continents.

Imani Logo2.png

We are proud partners of the

Imani Milele Organization!

Click below to learn more about their mission!



Simply to make a difference!
To love people!

To engage people by leveraging culture for good!

To equip and encourage dreamers!

To turn games into tools!

To operate with transparency and authenticity!

To create a community of global citizens!



Tim Chandler @ (812) 844-1922


Nick Meacham @ (812) 801-6500


Josh Stamper @ (859) 948-4784


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