Humango is a simulation game that has real world effect!

As you work to build a sustainable community and gain points...
We work to build a sustainable community and give purpose.


The game is virtual...But the people are real!
Become a part of a global community that plays to make a difference!

Humango will be our flagship game. Humango simulates the development of sustainable communities in underserved areas of the world. The player will start with a small plot of land, a school building, a couple of mango trees, a well and an outhouse.  As mango coins are made from agriculture and resource harvesting, more elements can be added to the community. Eventually, we have a sustainable community with members that will play integral roles in the game. As we add elements like toilets, showers, agricultural practices, solar panels, water management and educational programing, the community become self-sustaining. This will eventually allow the player to build new communities in new areas of the world.

We will initially start in Uganda, Africa! Once three communities are running at a sustainable rate, it will unlock the next continent to begin work in. For example, if the next continent unlocked would be South America, we would then begin an immersion into the culture, climate and communities of Brazil! This would bring us to a completely different and new topography and experience within the same game. New resources, new structure, new opportunities and new obstacles. As the player navigates the challenges of Brazil, two things happen. The first is that the player gains a greater understanding of the country. The second is that communities within that country will be impacted and helped by the fact that the consumer is playing the game! Once Brazil has developed three sustainable communities, the player is able to move to yet another country to begin their positive impact there.

7 Core Pillars
of Humango:

• Education & Technology
• Water

• Food/Agriculture

• Hygiene/Medical

• Shelter

• Community Growth
   & Progress

(Bonus Pillar)
Missional Tourism

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After several attempts to find a developer that was able to develop, deliver and launch a game, while also understanding the purpose and goal of our movement, we found BadRhino Studios! Led by Ryan Manning, BadRhino is a full cycle development studio that is proficient in the UnReal Engine. They have developed and launched games for PC and Console and are working in the VR space as well. BadRhino is not only building our flagship game, HUMANGO, it is building the platform by which we can develop more games within the social activism gaming space. BadRhino is not just building a game, but a movement with the long-term impact in mind. We are extremely excited to be aligned with such a great company!

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